Does your web site use Flash? Flash is frequently used to serve animations, videos, adverts and interactive multimedia content. In order to work it depends on your web site visitor having a browser with the necessary plugin installed. Time was when you could fairly much rely on that. In fact, so widespread was Flash that up until a few months ago YouTube depended on it. However, due to a poor history of security vulnerabilities, and with the growth of HTML5 (which is the alternative to Flash that YouTube now defaults to), the days of Flash seem to be numbered. So maybe now is the time to take Flash off your web site! (If you are not sure whether your site uses Flash, look for the HTML <object> tag in the source code referencing a *.swf file. Or, perhaps easier, disable the Flash plugin in your browser, and see if your website performs correctly).

Fortunately there is a fairly easy and reliable way to convert your existing Flash files to HTML5 using Google’s free Swiffy utility. Check out!


If you accept payments by PayPal you are given an option under “Website Payment Preferences” that is called “PayPal Account Optional“. If you enable this setting it means that your customers can pay by credit card without being obliged to create a PayPal account.  To encourage your customers to pay by PayPal,  it’s a good idea to make this excellent feature clear to them. So we recommend adding some explanatory text such as this:

With PayPal you can pay with most types of debit or credit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account

Both our web forms processor application ( and our shopping cart application ( now allow you to add some customizable explanatory text such as this to your “Pay by PayPal” button.


Sell Digital Content With Web-form-buddy

November 17, 2012

You can now use Web-form-buddy, our web forms application,  to sell downloadable items such as document files (e.g. PDFs and Word files), music files (e.g. MP3), photos, graphics, eBooks and so on. This new feature provides you with a secure vault for your files. Once your customers have completed your form and made their payment, […]

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Uploads Progress Bar Enhancement

April 13, 2012

Web-form-buddy’s file uploads option has a built-in “uploads progress” display. Now there is an option to animate how the progress bar opens – a cool effect that makes the file upload experience easier on the eye for your customers. The options available are: Slide in (from the left, from the right, from the top, or […]

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New Payment Method – Cash On Delivery Or Collection

February 6, 2012

We have just added a new payment method for Web-form-buddy order forms and for the Web-store-buddy shopping cart. This new method is to handle the situation when your customer will either pay you on delivery of the order (“Cash On Delivery”), or when they come to collect their order. To enable and customize this new […]

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Improved Text Field Date Formatting Options

September 14, 2011

Web-form-buddy‘s date validation & formatting for text fields is now more flexible. As well as creating templates for full dates (e.g. “mm-dd-yyyy“), you can now also create templates for partial dates such as month and year (e.g. “mm-yy“), or even just day of the month (“dd“).    

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Import Settings From Another Form

August 31, 2011

To make  creating new forms on your web site as easy as possible,  we have added a new option “import settings from another form“. This feature allows you to copy settings from one form to another. You can choose to copy all settings, or just specific categories of settings – such as auto-responder settings, file […]

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New Configuration Option For Web-form-buddy’s HTML Formatted Emails

August 9, 2011

We have just launched a new option that allows you to configure the design of HTML formatted emails that Web-form-buddy sends out on your behalf. These include Autoresponder emails Payment receipts Form notifications You can find this new option on your Web-form-buddy control panel under  “global options” >> “color & style settings” >> “HTML styled […]

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New Web-form-buddy Data Formatting Options

June 23, 2011

Web-form-buddy has some new options for formatting form data. You can find these on your control panel at “global options” >> “data options”. You can choose the symbol to use as a field/value data separator, choose a symbol for blank fields, set the font style and case for field names, and set the font style […]

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New Payment Method ‘On Account’

May 6, 2011

Today we have added a new payment method for our Web-store-buddy shopping cart application and our Web-form-buddy payment forms application. The new payment option is for payments “on account“. With this option your customer is asked to supply a purchase order number and the name of the purchasing organization when placing the order. If you […]

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