Discounts For Multiple Site Subscriptions

December 30, 2006

At present we do not offer an affiliate scheme for our “buddy” web site applications.

All our buddy applications (web-form-buddy, refer-a-buddy, web-store-buddy & opt-in-buddy) are licensed on a per web site basis and are renewably annually.

However there are no other restrictions or extra costs whatsoever (apart from web-store-buddy, our shopping cart application, where the price depends on the number of products you sell).

  • web-form-buddy: No limit on the number of forms you can set up. No limit or cap or additional cost on the number of form submissions you can receive
  • refer-a-buddy: Can be set up on as many pages of your web site as you like. No limit on the number of referrals
  • opt-in-buddy: Can be set up on as many pages of your web site as you like. No limit on the number of opt-ins

Having said that, many of our customers, for example those who are professional web designers, require subscriptions for more than one web site, and we are keen to support them!

One way we are doing this is through co-branding. We will be rolling this out for all the buddy applications, but it is already in place for web-form-buddy. This feature means that you can replace the ‘powered by‘ link with a link to your own web site.

But we also offer a discount scheme for multiple subscriptions.

This works on a “make two payments, get the next one free” basis, and is the equivalent to a discount of around 30%.

To claim a free license on this scheme just start a free trial for a new account. Then give us the details of two previous accounts and we will uprade your new trial account to a full 12 month subscription.

When you apply for the free account, please provide the details of two payments you have made to qualify for the free license.

  • the domain names
  • the user ID’s
  • the dates of the subscription payments &, if possible, the PayPal or WorldPay payment reference of the payments

(Of course we also need the domain name and user ID of the account for which you are claiming a free license!)

The following conditions apply:

  • The qualifying payments can be for new accounts only (not renewals or upgrades)
  • A payment can only be used once to claim a license discount
  • This scheme applies to all our “buddy” products. But a payment for one type of buddy product cannot qualify towards a different type of buddy product. For example, two payments for refer-a-buddy can only qualify for a third free refer-a-buddy license, and not, say, for a web-from-buddy license
  • Ethical marketing: We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam (unsolicited bulk email). We expressly forbid the marketing of any of our products in this way. If you are in any doubt as to what constitutes “spam”, please visit In particular we note the requirement for email recipients to have granted “verifiable permission”. If we discover that any of our products are being marketed unethically we reserve the right to cancel any discount scheme and, if appropriate. all accounts associated with the spam activities

To apply for a discount simply uses the contact form on any of our “buddy” web sites.

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