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January 2, 2007

Not a year goes by it seems without new countries being added to the European Union. With the start of 2007 the number of EU countries increased form 25 to 27 with the addition of Bulgaria and Romania.

If you’re in the EU this may affect how your store needs to charge sales tax (VAT) for these countries. So we are pleased to announce that we have updated web-store-buddy to cope with the EU enlargement.

This is now the full list of EU countries:

AT ~ Austria
BE ~ Belgium
BG ~ Bulgaria
CY ~ Cyprus
CZ ~ Czech Republic
DE ~ Germany
DK ~ Denmark
EE ~ Estonia
ES ~ Spain
FI ~ Finland
FR ~ France
GB ~ United Kingdom
GR ~ Greece
HU ~ Hungary
IE ~ Ireland
IT ~ Italy
LT ~ Lithuania
LU ~ Luxembourg
LV ~ Latvia
MT ~ Malta
NL ~ Netherlands
PL ~ Poland
PT ~ Portugal
RO ~ Romania
SE ~ Sweden
SI ~ Slovenia
SK ~ Slovakia

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