Checks ‘n’ Cheques

February 26, 2007

Our ‘buddy’ applications are hosted in the States, designed in the UK, and used by folks around the world. That’s the Internet for you – but one of the tricky things to cope with is alternative spellings.

Mike looks after the web site for Marshall’s Nursery in Australia and he is using web-store-buddy for online orders. But he has noticed that with the cheque payment option web-store-buddy is displaying the US version of the word – ‘check‘.

After doing a little research we think it’s safe to say that ‘cheque’ is correct for all English speaking countries except for the States. So that’s how we’ve now set it up: With the web-store-buddy shopping cart and the the web-form-buddy payment processor, US customer pages and US merchant pages will display ‘check payment’; in all other cases the spelling will be ‘cheque payment’.

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