Autoresponder & Email Receipt Reply Addresses

October 18, 2007

When Web-form-buddy sends out an autoresponder message (or, in the case of a payment form, a receipt), what should be the “from” and “reply-to” address on the email?

Typically, if the form data is to be sent to, say, then it makes sense to put John’s email address as the from address for the autoresponder or receipt.

But with Web-form-buddy you can choose to have the form data delivered to several recipients. So in that case, whose address should be on the autoresponder or payment receipt?

To solve this conundrum we have added a new feature to the “who to notify” option for each form. Now you can pick out one of the recipient email addresses as “primary” – and that means that it will be that address that gets picked up as the “reply” address for the autoresponder or payment receipt that gets sent out.

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