Data Confirmation Option & Captcha Spam Protection

October 22, 2007

Web-form-buddy now has a new option to display a summary of the form data to the user with a “confirm” or “cancel” button.

This is a nice thing to do – especially if your form is quite complex. It also has the benefit of offering you some protection against automated form submissions (spam).

If you find you are getting a lot of spam form submissions, you can also supplement the data confirmation screen with a “CAPTCHA” test. There are three options to choose from:

  • Standard Captcha: There are some slightly distorted letters that you have to type in a box.
  • The Carnegie Mellon University “ReCaptcha” Test: This works in a similar way, but the results contribute towards the task of archiving human knowledge by digitizing books (info)
  • Simple Math Captcha: Instead of a slightly distorted image, the form submitter is asked to answer a simple question. E.g “What is one plus three?”

To access the new option from your control panel, first select a form, then select “form options

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