Web-Form-Buddy ‘From’ & ‘Reply’ Addresses

October 20, 2006

When you receive a form inquiry from your web site it’s very handy if you can just hit the “reply” button in your email software and have that automatically bring up the email address of the person who completed the form.

That happens automatically with web-form-buddy (but only if your form (a) has a field to collect the sender’s email address, and (b) you set up web-form-buddy email validation for that field)

But another thing that would be useful is to be able to “whitelist” web-form-buddy form submissions to ensure that your spam filter does not mistakenly block these emails.

Previously this has not been possible. Because the “from” address changes with each form submission it’s impossible to whitelist it!

Now however we have separated out the “from” address from the “reply” address in the email. This gives you the best of both worlds

  • you can hit ‘reply’ and automatically the right address comes up
  • the “from” address is always support@web-form-buddy.com, and so you can now add this to your whitelist if you have one

But what will you see when the email arrives? Well this depends on your email software. Thunderbird (my favourite) shows both the “from” address and the “reply” address. I believe Outlook only shows the “from” address. If your software is like that – what can you do if you would like to see the sender’s email address when you scan your emails? Well we have now added a new option to add the sender’s email address to the subject line of the email. So that should cover all bases!

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