Improved Attribute Handling With Web-Store-Buddy

May 13, 2008

Many products have “attributes“. For example if you sell shoes they might be available in different sizes and different colors.

In coping with attributes, one approach would be to create a separate product code for each possible product option – but you would soon find you are dealing with a huge database of products!

So for that reason you have always been able to add a field for attributes with your Web-store-buddy “buy now” buttons (typically a drop down list). Like so:

super kool shirt $35

However, with only one drop down list to work with, this method gets awkward if you have multiple sets of attributes. For example supposing you had lots of size variations and lots of color variations! You could try adding them to one list like this:

super kool shirt $35

This approach is fine with just a few product options.  But when you have lots of options (and lots of different types of options), it gets out of hand.

So to solve this problem we’ve upgraded the Web-store-buddy attributes feature so that you can now add up to five separate attribute lists to a buy now button. Here is the example above using the new method and two attribute lists.

super kool shirt $35

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