Co-branding Enabled For Web-Form-Buddy

November 5, 2006

If you are are a web designer and you have set up more than one buddy account you can now add your own brand to the email tag lines that web-form-buddy sends out! This is useful for two reasons:

  • it obviously helps with your sales & marketing
  • your customers will know who has supplied the form processor application and therefore who to contact for assistance

Both the form email and and the form’s autoresponder email have a tag line like this:

~ web form processor powered by

Now, as long as you have an active ‘buddy’ subscription for more than one site, you can co-brand emails with a tag line that points to your own web site:

~ web form processor powered by

(We have also made it possible to disable the tag line altogether. We don’t particularly recommend that option however as it means the personnel in the organization will not know who to contact if they need support)

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