Web-store-buddy ‘Special Offers’ – New Features!

October 31, 2008

A while back we added the capability to have an offer coupon.  In other words the Web-store-buddy shopping cart allows the customer to enter a special code you have supplied them which qualifies the customer for, say, a 10% discount.

This has been working very well, so we’ve now added some more features:

  • You can have regular (non-coupon) offers that apply to all shoppers.
  • You can have multiple coupon or regular offers running at the same time
  • You can set a minimum order value that qualifies for the offer
  • You can set a start date and an expiry date for the offer

Examples might be:

“Save 10% on all orders over $100 in November!”


“Enter voucher code ABC001 to get $15 off!”

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