Allowing Your Customer To Pick The Form Recipient

November 20, 2008

There are some occasions where it it might be appropriate to allow the person submitting the form to choose who will receive the form data. For example you might have a general inquiry form and it would be nice if your client could choose whether to send the inquiry to “sales“, “support” or “accounts” .

Now with Web-form-buddy this is easy – and, as is always the case with Web-form-buddy, you never have to add email addresses to your web pages where they can be harvested by spammers!

When you select “data options” and create or modify the list of recipients for your  form you will see the new option. If you enable runtime selection, then once the form data is completed Web-form-buddy will display a “secondary screen” to your web user which both provides a helpful summary of the form submission and allows them to pick the recipient (or several recipients if you choose the multiple selection option).

The Web-form-buddysecondary screens” are 100% customizable and can even be embedded in one of your own web pages. (See “global options” >> “color & style settings“).

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