Transferring your international domain name away

This procedure applies to all domains that do NOT end in “uk”. (e.g. *.com, *.org etc.).

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Decide on your new domain name registrar. We have some suggestions here.
  2. Make sure you will be able to configure your domain properly at your new provider.

    We may well be providing domain name services for you such as DNS records, email forwarding and web forwarding. You should have received a full description of these services from us (and if not, just contact us and we can provide it). Your new domain registrar will almost certainly allow you to recreate any DNS records that you require on their system. However if you use our email forwarding or web forwarding option you may also need the services of a third party. We have some suggestions here.

  3. Check your new registrar is ready to accept your domain transfer.

    In some cases they may require you to place an order for the transfer as the process will result in your domain name being extended by one year.

  4. Email us to request that we prepare your domain for transfer.

    We will need to check that the request is from the domain name owner, or, if not, we will need to gain the approval of the domain name owner. Once that’s done we will unlock the domain and we will email you an authorisation code that will be required to approve the transfer at your end.

  5. Ask your gaining registrar to initiate the transfer process.

    Once the process starts there will be a bit of a back & forth of emails between the various parties involved. Our top-level registrar is Enom, and they (on our behalf) may send you several emails for approval. One of these may be to confirm that your registration details are correct. Another will be to approve the transfer itself.

    It is vital that you respond to these mails and click on the links to confirm ASAP.

    In theory this can all go through in a day or so - if everyone, including your gaining registrar, responds to their emails quickly. But in our experience it typically takes 1/2 weeks.