Transferring your UK domain name away

UK domain names are ones that end in “.uk”. For example widgets,,, Fortunately they are quite easy to transfer.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Decide on your new domain name registrar. We have some suggestions here.
  2. Make sure you will be able to configure your domain properly at your new provider.

    We may well be providing domain name services for you such as DNS records, email forwarding and web forwarding. You should have received a full description of these services from us (and if not, just contact us and we can provide it). Your new domain registrar will almost certainly allow you to recreate any DNS records that you require on their system. However if you use our email forwarding or web forwarding option you may also need the services of a third party. We have some suggestions here.

  3. Check your new registrar is ready to accept your domain transfer, and ask them to provide you with their “Nominet IPS tag”.

    A Nominet IPS tag is just a short piece of text that identifies an account at Nominet. Nominet provide a full list of IPS tags here.

  4. Email us to request the transfer and include the gaining registrar’s Nominet IPS tag in your email.
  5. We will need to check that the request is from the domain name owner, or, if not, we will need to gain the approval of the domain name owner.
  6. All being well, we then set your new Nominet IPS tag - and your domain is transferred. A process that is virtually instant.